Whole Body Vibrating Platforms

A3 V1000 Vibration Platform
A3 V1000 Vibration Platform A3 V1000 Vibration Platform A3 V1000 Vibration Platform A3 V1000 Vibration Platform A3 V1000 Vibration Platform

A3 V1000

This easy-to-use vibrating platform is equipped with a user-friendly virtual coach console. Whole Body Vibration is effective for lower body training and core training. The training will improve muscle endurance, explosive strength and bone density while helping to avoid exercise injuries and muscle atrophy. It also can be used as an aid for warm up or cool down prior or after exercising.


Incorporating Whole Vibration Into Your Exercise and Rehabilitation Program

Whole Body Vibration Has Also Shown to do the following:

Research on Whole Body Vibration

The Mayo Clinic states that whole body vibration reduces back pain, improves balance and reduces bone loss.1

Clinical research and studies demonstrate that Whole Body Vibration is helpful and beneficial for the following issues:2


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Billing Codes

Therapy reimbursement codes most commonly used are:

Chiropractic billing reimbursements for Vibration users:

Disclaimer: Always check with YOUR state insurance and regulatory board billing codes and procedures handbooks as every state is different. These are only possible recommendations.

Integrating Whole Body Vibration into your medical, physical therapy, or chiropractic practice is and easy and effective way to help more patients and add revenue to your practice.

When rehabilitative exercises are performed while weight-bearing on a vibration platform, beneficial effects of either modality are enhanced. Patients heal faster and recover quicker. And since patients are still doing their specific exercises for their condition, now just on a vibrating platform, the codes to use for this service remain the same and are still:

When a patient is doing his/her rehab exercises while on the vibration therapy in conjunction with Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy(CMT) on any given treatment day, please make sure that your diagnoses reflect the need for CMT as well as exercise.

On the HICFA forms, you must point the spinal diagnosis to the spinal manipulation therapy and then point the exercise portion of your procedural codes to the soft tissue, extremity or injury diagnosis. Only then can the insurance carrier recognize and then reimburse the right $ for each procedure done. Otherwise your charge for the exercise portion will be bundled with the manipulation charge and therefore denied.

Who Uses Whole Body Vibration?

Celebrities/Professional Athletes


Sports Teams

Celebrity Vibration Exercise Endorsements



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